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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Something from Oprah show:

Carla is a 34-year-old full-time firefighter, a wife and mother of three who's got a three-alarm fashion emergency. In an average week she says she wears sweats seven times. "I'm in a man's profession," says Carla. "I wear men's clothes. I want to dress a little more girly."

She has a fabulous figure. It's long, lean and muscular. So what's the fashion challenge? She wants to dress comfortably while also strategically playing down her broad shoulders and thick, muscular legs. Plus, she wants to show off her feminine side.


A tailored jacket, long scarf and thigh-skimming pants give Carla's tall, broad-shouldered body a new shape! Her jacket is soft and tailored to fit so it complements—and doesn't enlarge—her broad shoulders. Her thighs are muscular so her trousers skim, rather than cling, to her leg. And because Carla doesn't often wear heels, she's wearing a wedged heel to bring her long legs and low waist into proportion. A long scarf skims down her center and takes off more weight.