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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Citrus Yellow and Green Dresses - The 2009 Fashion Silhouette

Article about fashions in summer dresses for 2009 by Pauline Weston Thomas

Even with so many styles of dress available, the most noticeable trend for summer dresses 2009 is for a bold strong colour, with drapery in a gradually widening skirt silhouette. Fashion designers achieve this by employing double layer skirts.

Volume, once a dirty word in early noughties fashion, now seems so normal compared to just a few years ago. The shoulder line has widened and covered bare shoulders giving a fifties/early sixties touch of fashion. This is groomed dressing. You can also see actresses wearing examples of this dress style in the TV series 'Mad Men'.

In the line-up of 4 summer dresses below, the rich green strapless dress shown left has a fuller silhouette with a much wider skirt and a deep inverted pleat. The prom bodice is also higher than in previous seasons. The apple green sleeved and yellow dresses all have draped soft pleats which add volume fullness.