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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

White skinny jeans

I'm planning to add skinny jeans into my Boutique Collections.Just to share how to wear white skinny jeans.Credit to

White skinny jeans are one of the hottest trends in the fashion industry. Although it is sometimes difficult to find the perfect outfit to match the jeans, if you decide what event you will be wearing the skinny jeans to, and match it with the proper blouse and accessories, your outfit will be a hit.

    Casual Look

  1. For a casual look, match white skinny jeans with a graphic tee, tank top or tube top. Choose a top with a tight fit, black in color for a subtle look, or go with a bright red top for a pop of color. Match with some gold or silver bangle bracelets, and a chunky belt. Choose shoes that will match what you will be doing; hi-top sneakers if you're on the move, or some black high heels if you want to dress it up a bit more.
  2. Prep Look

  3. Skinny jeans create the perfect prep look when worn with the proper attire. Match your white skinny jeans with a tight-fit polo shirt, or layer it with two polo shirts. You can also layer a tank top or tee under the polo shirt, and pop up the collar on the polo shirt. Wear a solid black polo shirt for a more sophisticated look, or have fun with the outfit and layer bright colors such as hot pinks and electric blues. Match with some metallic high heels or flats and an oversized handbag, and you've got the perfect prep look.
  4. Dressed Up

  5. While white skinny jeans are many times worn casually, they can also create a great dressed-up look. Tunics and mini-dresses are a perfect match for white skinny jeans. For a conservative look, match with a black mini-dress that falls at the mid-thigh, and pair with black dress shoes (flats or high heels). For a fun look, match with a vibrant colored tunic, such as a floral multicolored design or a plaid design. Match with a small clutch purse, and you have the perfect dressy look.