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Sunday, September 7, 2008



(Source: By Susannah & Triny)

Elongate your body. If you are not very tall, and most of us are not, try to elongate your body by using pants that cover your shoes. This is a tip by Susannah and Trinny of "What not to wear" (BBC version). If your pants cover your shoes, your legs look longer and you look taller.

Do not use clothes that do not fit. Many women think that if the clothes are tight or loose they will look thinner. This is not true; they will only look fatter, instead. Your clothes have to fit your body; neither over sized nor undersized does the trick.

Not too tight. On the negative side, tight clothes only make us look like a sausage - so stuffed that some of the fat comes out and calls attention. That is precisely what we do not want: attention in the wrong places.

Not too loose clothes. Oversized clothes may hide the imperfections but it does not do justice to your positive points and you will look not only bigger, but also without any shape. You are highlighting the very things you want to hide. Forget big T-shirts and blouses without any fitting.

Avoid extra material around your tummy. Pants with pleats, elastic waist or string waists are only adding volume to your waist. Same applies to skirts.

Be careful with accessories. They can also make you look fatter or skinnier: if you have a tummy, large belts should be avoided, because you are putting attention on your tummy. The same way necklace too close to your face should be used carefully if you have a double chin, because it will accentuate the chin; longer necklaces have the opposite effect.

Now you know some things to watch out for when you are wondering if that great outfit makes you look fat.