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Saturday, September 6, 2008


Since the last 3 weeks I've received calls,sms & emails from women all over Malaysia asking these same questions:

1) How much is the start-up cost?
2) Do we have to be an expert in IT/ICT in order to build an online shop?
3) How long will it take to set-up your online store?
4) How do you manage to work at home with small kids?
5) I have zero knowledge about business but I really interested to pursue my dreams to work from home,
how is it possible?
6) You have a degree, don't you think by quiting your job is a waste?
7) I've my own products to sell, but my blog/website didn't generate any income,it seems like selling online is not as promising as selling the conventional way (by having real outlet). How did you make it?
8)What are the problems that you have to overcome when doing business part-time?
9) It is hard for me to work from home with children plus the chores,any tips for smart time management?
10) I've heard that only MLM/Direct selling products are easy to market online,is it true?
11) How to convinced customers to buy online?
12) I really really want to do business at home like you but my problem is I don't know what to sell?

Believe it or not, the last question lah paling ramai yg tanya.
Nak bisnes tapi tak tahu nak bisnes apa???Dalam banyak2 soalan, soalan itulah yg paling mencabar..dan jawapan pada soalan itu ada pada diri uols sendiri & jawapan tu jugak menentukan sejauh mana bisnes uols nanti boleh pergi.....
Saya pun bermula dengan soalan paling last tu 5 years ago.